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Allergy Treatments

If your body has an exaggerated immune response to contact with substances such as pollen, house dust (containing mites) or cat dander you suffer from allergy. In general, any allergy is manifested by: sneezing, coughing, a wheezing, itching and hives. The substances that trigger the exaggerated immune response get in the body by four ways: […]

January 19, 2015, Prevention
Effects of alcohol on the body

Acute intoxication with alcohol includes: light inebriation(excitation phase), inebriation (non-coordination phase) and coma. The light inebriation corresponds to a certain amount of alcohol in the blood (blood alcohol concentration) below 1.5 g per thousand and it manifests trough a condition of mood, joy, bravery, accelerating the cardiac rhythm,a warm sensation. It also appears clumsiness in […]

December 10, 2011, Prevention