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Prinzmetal Angina – symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Prinzmetal Angina. Angina pectoris is defined by the patient as chest pain in the middle of the chest (retrosternal) or in the heart (chest). Typical angina is mainly due to narrowing of blood vessels that nourish the heart by fatty deposits inside lumen (plaque buildup). Prinzmetal angina is a particular form of angina that is due to a vasospasm in heart vessels (coronary). The vasospam is a sudden […]

November 14, 2011, Heart
Hepatic steatosis – causes, symptoms, treatment

Hepatic steatosis popularly called as ‘fatty liver’ is a pathological aspect of liver, whose specific cells (hepatocytes) are filled with lipids (fats). It is a reversible liver disease: ‘is not still very ill, but cries for help’. Causes of hepatic steatosis: 1. Alcohol consumption produces alcoholic liver disease. Two-thirds of chronic alcohol consumers have fatty liver, alcoholic […]

November 13, 2011, Liver
Wilson disease – symptoms, treatment

Wilson’s disease is a tezaurismosis described by Wilson, characterized by deposition of copper in tissues and the appearance of liver symptoms, neurological, ocular (Kaiser-Fleischer ring) and in other organs (kidney, bone, skin). The disease is genetic, with autosomal recessive transmission. At half of the patients the first symptoms appear in adolescence, only at 1% of patients […]

November 12, 2011, Brain Eye Liver
Hodgkin’s disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Hodgkin’s disease is a malignancy that is morphological characterized by the presence of Sternberg-Reed cell. The origin of this cell is not fully elucidated, in a small number of cases has been demonstrated lymphoid line belonging to B. This disease has two peaks of incidence: one around the age of 23 to 25 years, and the second […]

November 11, 2011, Cancer
Treatments for hair loss – alopecia

The hair is permanently regenerating. Hair is falling to make place to the new one that is growing. We loose an average of about 100 hairs a day. A very abundant loss of hairs is called alopecia. The loss of hair is accentuating with age. At men can aggravate since their youth being a form […]

November 10, 2011, Hair
Cellulite – treatment, massage, exercises

The cellulite treatment contains many stages. Here are 10 excellent advises and remedies for cellulite: Exercises for cellulite: the most simple are the most efficient – going up the stairs and running, riding the bicycle, jumping the rope visibly decrease the cellulite on the chops and buttocks and invigorate them in the same time. It is […]

November 10, 2011, Remedies
Acute Encephalitis – symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Acute encephalitis are serious infections of the nervous system caused by multiple pathogens, mostly viral and is characterized by acute non-suppurative inflammation (without pus formation) of brain. Can be produced either by direct invasion followed by destruction of brain tissue by an infectious agent or antigen-antibody reaction of the general course of an infection or a […]

November 9, 2011, Brain
Liver Abscess – causes, symptoms, treatment

Liver abscesses are suppurative processes (with formation of pus), located in the parenchyma (tissue) of the liver. The main germ responsible for the formation of liver abscess are: colibacillus, streptococci, staphylococci and anaerobes rarely. The circumstances in which microorganisms can invade the liver parenchyma are: – Wounds that liver is direct inoculated; – Blood way; – […]

November 8, 2011, Liver
Remedies for intercostal stitch

The term intercostal stitch refers at that sharp pain, of short period, localized under the ribs. The cause of this pain is a spasm of the diaphragm muscle. This spasm occurs when the muscle doesn’t receive the necessary quantity of oxygen it needs in order to function. The muscle is localized between the abdomen and […]

November 8, 2011, Remedies
Remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are manifesting through intense pains, bleedings, mucous outflow, itches. Causes of hemorrhoids: age, genetic heritage, diet, defecation habits. What can you do in order to ameliorate hemorrhoids? During defecation do not force yourself because you create pressure that cause inflammation to the veins. If your motion is consistent there is the possibility for the […]

November 7, 2011, Rectum Remedies