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Allergy Treatments

allergiesIf your body has an exaggerated immune response to contact with substances such as pollen, house dust (containing mites) or cat dander you suffer from allergy.
In general, any allergy is manifested by: sneezing, coughing, a wheezing, itching and hives.

The substances that trigger the exaggerated immune response get in the body by four ways: digestive, intravenous injection, through the skin, by inhalation. As an example peanuts are ingested, penicillin is injected, through the skin there are some plants, and by breathing: pollen, dust mites.

What can you do to relieve allergy symptoms?

Recommended medication is represented by antihistamines (eg Aerius). These drugs relieve itching, reduce excessive production of secretions. They are found in any drugstore and you do not need any prescription.

During a trip by car, if you suffer from allergies, ventilate air using air-conditioning.

Air and environment in your home should be kept as clean as possible. For air, an air filter is excellent. Using an air filter is beneficial when you have an allergy to pollen, animal dander, house dust.

Besides air filter you could use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in your environment. Low humidity is not conducive for mites.

We do not recommend you to use all sorts of sprays and perfumes in the house. These products may contain substances that irritate the airways easily.

Your bedroom should be a forbidden territory for any animal with fur, especially cats, dogs, birds, rabbits. Dandruff of these animals is the source of many problems with allergies.

You have to expose to an allergen that will cause allergy? In this case a face mask is the most useful measure.

If you smoke you risk aggravating the allergy. Of course, the general recommendation is to stop smoking.

If you have a carpet in the room where you sit most, it’s better to remove it because the carpet is a warehouse full of mites. Of course, drop other objects that are usually dusty.

Final Tip: prepare a special room where to have air conditioning, in which animals do not have access, without carpet and clean it more often.

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