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Stem Cells – harvesting and therapeutic indications

stem cells harvestingBlood stem cells are sampled by the obstetrician-gynecologist in maternity, at the request of the patient immediately after birth.

The company of harvesting must be notified by the week 34 of pregnancy, and the mother will take with her the received kit to the hospital after signing the contract. The contract guarantees the preservation of cord blood for 20 years at the beginning. The child then has the legal right to decide alone the contract extension.

Cord blood collection process takes within 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It is harvested up to 150 ml of cord blood from the umbilical cord of the child and is a painless process.

Harvesting is done with special tools and is transported within 3 days to the stem cell bank deposit and will be tested in advance. Parents can receive the test results which must show that blood is not contaminated within 2 months and in 5% of cases blood can not be stored due to contamination during transport or maternal infectious diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, sifillis).

The contracts are done with companies which have authorization from the National Transplant Agency, which provides training for obstetricians, harvesting kits, transportation to the blood stem cell bank and cryopreservation (160 degrees Celsius). Parents who can not cover the cost of processing the blood, they can donate it in public regime for the bank. If your child will need the stored stem cells, companies ensure the withdrawal and transportation of blood.

The advantages of cord blood stem cells to the peripheral blood or bone marrow are due to the fact that blood stem cells are tested and in stem cell transplantation in adults is necessary a compatibility of 83% compared to 67% for placental stem cells.

Diseases that can be treated with stem cells

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