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Psoriasis Treatment – skin regeneration

Treatment of psoriasis. In psoriasis skin cells reach the surface in only 3 days not in 30 days as is normal. The cells multiply rapidly and the result is the appearance of itchy skin surfaces colored in red.

Psoriasis treatmentRapidly multiplying,the cell count gets to be very high and after they die the areas affected will get white.

During winter there occur the most frequently exacerbations of the disease. The disease may disappear for a few months, but appears again, with cycles of remissions and flares. In how skin is affected, the disease can affect the nails or joints. Important to note is that psoriasis is not contagious.

Psoriasis has no known cause and no cure for permanent healing of the disease. Instead, there are remedies that help relieve disease and especially itching. Our advice:

  • Do not give up, accept the situation and focus more on how you could control this condition.
  • A sign of worsening psoriasis is a dry skin. Use emollient products and skin will be helped to retain water to hydrate. Body oil, vegetable oil can act as an emollient. Apply the moisturizer immediately after your bath when your skin is still wet. Alternatively, you can use calendula cream or beeswax or any cream with aloe vera.
  • Use an antihistamine drug¬†for itching, and avoid scratch, because you can enhance the itching.
  • A remedy is the tar. On the skin you can apply tar or take tar oil baths. If you have skin lesions, do not use tar. The scalp can be also treated with tar, in the form of shampoos.
  • To remove scales take warm baths, but not in hot water because the itching may increase.
  • Alternatively, a cold bath with vinegar can help. In the bathtub put a cup of wine vinegar. Itching can be mitigated. For itching you can apply ice cubes directly to the affected area.
  • There are hydrocortisone creams on the market. Worth to try. When you notice that the disease ameliorates you must remove the cream gradually from use.
  • Be careful not to hit the skin because these stricken areas are susceptible to make psoriasis.
  • You will observe a visible improvement if you get lost weight.
  • A trigger of psoriasis is stress. Try to relax.
  • Consume less alcohol or avoid it if possible.
  • Fish oil capsules are used as a cure for psoriasis. Try them, but not before asking your doctor.
  • Mahonia aquifolium is a natural remedy that is helpful, but only if you use it at least 2 months. 3 times per day take 5 ml of tincture of Mahonia aquifolium.
  • You have Psoriasis and meanwhile you have acquired an infection? It is very important to follow the correct treatment for infection.

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