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Remedies for Anal Itching and Anal Fissure

Symptoms of anal fissure are: pain, bleeding and anal itching. These symptoms resemble those of hemorrhoids.

Anal FissureAnal fissure appears as an ulcer of the skin as you can see in the picture. Ulcers occur where the skin is doing a junction with mucosa.

An anal fissure will heal in a few weeks. Pain can be relieved by several methods and beside that there are measures that help prevent fissures.

  • Consume a high amount of fibers and liquids. This will contribute to the consistency of stools which will be softer and easier to evacuate. If you have a diet low in fibers and liquids, stools can injure the anal canal (in general, will lead to hemorrhoids and anal fissure). Fibers are found in fruits, vegetables, grains. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. A fissure already established will be improved if your stools are soft.
  • To facilitate the elimination of stools the grease can help. Put grease into the rectum to a depth of one inch and stools will not cause injury.
  • Local hygiene plays an essential role. Anal area should be washed often (morning, evening, after each stool) with wet toilet paper. Also, moisturizing creams have a useful action. Your clothes should be made of cotton and wide enough.
  • Diarrhea is not good for anal fissure. It has an acid content. Avoid as long as possible the diarrhea, do not eat food that you know it causes diarrhea.
  • The itch makes you scratch, but avoid it if possible. Scratching will further enhance the local inflammation and itching will therefore be even greater.
  • Sweat in the anal area. If you have a high weight you sweat more in that area. Sweat will increase healing time. The advice is to lose weight. Make exercises, eat healthier (as I wrote in the first point).
  • You can obtain an improvement if you get a warm bath. The heat relaxes the anal muscles. Do not put in water salt.
  • Foods to avoid: spicy food and pickles.
  • Use white toilet paper, unscented and of high quality.
  • Try using ointments or suppositories. They are found in pharmacies.

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