Premenstrual Syndrome – Treatment

PMSA week before the menstrual cycle some women suffer from premenstrual syndrome. It consists of: tender and painful breasts, headaches, emotional instability. These manifestations can even disrupt normal life of the woman.

This syndrome occurs at a fairly large number of women (a third, even half) with an age between 20 and 50 years.

The cause of premenstrual syndrome is hormonal fluctuation that present women before the menstrual cycle (estrogen and progesterone hormones are responsible).

Other symptoms: mental instability, women are aggressive, exhausted and often appears depression, bloating, weight gain, skin disorders, appear cravings to consume increased amounts of sweets and alcohol.

Here are some remedies for premenstrual syndrome

  • Stress has a great influence on women with premenstrual syndrome. The advice is to stay in a room with soothing colors, to listen to calm music. These things can induce a state of calm that will definitely help.
  • No shallow breathing: breathe in deeply. Shallow breathing lowers the body’s energy (reduced oxygen intake). Pull air in the chest and exhale gently.
  • In menstrual syndrome it may occur muscle and blood circulation problems. A remedy in this aspect would be to have sex and if possible to reach orgasm. Sex accelerates blood circulation.
  • Take a warm bath in which to put a cup of sea salt and a sodium bicarbonate. Stay in the bath water for 20 minutes.
  • “Mielareaua” is an effective remedy for premenstrual syndrome manifestations. About half of women who used this remedy for 3 cycles observed improvements in symptoms. The plant can be taken as capsules, tincture or tea. Time of day to be taken is in the morning.
  • Insomnia also may be a manifestation of premenstrual syndrome. Before insomnia appears, with a few nights before try to go to bed a few hours faster, so your symptoms will occur when you will be ready.
  • Eat light and frequent meals, without large amounts of sugar and fat.
  • Eat a high amount of fibers. Fibers help to eliminate the excess of estrogen in the body. The fibers are found in vegetables, cereals, bread.
  • Caffeine should be consumed in small amounts: reduce coffee intake, tea, coca-cola. Caffeine increases breast tenderness, anxiety and irritability.
  • Avoid salt and alcohol.

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