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Acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 – indispensable for heart health and emotional balance

omega 3 acids fishAcids omega 3 and omega 6 are not synthesized by the body and must be taken in the diet. Here are some of their amazing properties and very importantly, what we should eat and in what foods we find them.

Acids Omega 3 has as its main property stabilizing plaque buildup; their consumption prevents heart attacks, strokes, peripheral circulation problems.

Also they have a beneficial role in regaining optimism, a positive thinking and decisions, increase attention and concentration, restoring emotional balance. Recently, it was demonstrated their utility in preventing breast cancer.

Acids Omega 3 are found in: walnut oil or canola 8-12 gr. /100 gr of oil, wheat or soy germ 6-7 gr/100 gr, Fish or chicken fat, butter 1-6 gr. / 100 gr. .

cholesterol plaque buildupImportant:

  • Is recommended a consumption of 2 grams of omega 3 fatty acids daily.

  • It oxidizes easily, so these fatty foods should be eaten quickly, and in combination with fruits or vegetables that contain antioxidants.

  • In order to exert beneficial effects the omega 3 acids need to be balanced with omega-6 acids, which mean to consume sunflower oil.

Omega-6 fatty acids play a role in lowering “bad” cholesterol, LDL cholesterol.

Omega-6 fatty acids are found in: sunflower oil, soybeans, nuts and wheat germs – 50-70 gr. /100 gr., Margarine – 30-50 gr/100 gr., Canola oil, peanut oil or chicken fat, 10 to 30 g / 100 gr., olive oil, eggs, butter, fish oil 1-10 gr/100 gr.

reduce fast food and alcoholHere are some principles easy to achieve in the diet to balance the consumption of these fatty acids:

  1. Choose fish meat (recommended consumption is 2-3 times a week) and light meat for the consumption.

  2. Reduce butter, milk and fat cheese, but do not completely remove them.

  3. Not recommended: consumption of more than three eggs a week.

  4. Cold cuts should be avoided if possible and the alcohol consumed in small doses.

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