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What is PH to our body? How does it influence our daily life?

PH is an abbreviation for potential hydrogen. In fact, the PH is the measured hydrogen in ion concentration. If the PH value is higher, there are more alkaline and oxygen in the fluid analysis. On the other hand, if the pH is lower, therefore more acidic and deprived of oxygen is the concerned fluid. Alkaline nutrition means to consume alkaline body ph healthfoods daily; whose pH was greater than 7. Currently there are many studies and tests that tell us what food to eat and which foods to try to avoid them. The pH values ​​vary from 0 to 14, the index of 7.0 is considered a neutral PH. Any value above 7.0 indicates a higher degree of alkylation, and values ​​below 7.0 show a higher level of acidity. The human body keeps the pH in general around 7.35 – 7.45 and the deviation from these values ​​indicate the possibility of an imbalance in the body. If blood pH drops much below 6.8 or above 7.8, cells cease to function and the patient loses vital functions. An ideal pH of blood is 7.4, so it is more alkaline than acid.

People who have a health problem show a PH body more acidic. Intensive research shows that the body cannot heal, or if the pH is more acidic than alkaline. Given that body pH is unbalanced, the body cannot assimilate vitamins, minerals and other substances essential to its overall vigor.

Acidic foods

  • pork, beef, chicken, mutton, turkey, shellfish;

  • milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, ice cream, eggs;

  • fruit: all except for those which have alkaline;

  • carbonated drinks, coffee, tea (except herbal tea), alcohol, synthetic sweeteners, sugar, cakes and everything that contains sugar (sugar is strongly acidic), so-called natural juices in stores;

  • carbonated drinks, coffee, tea (except herbal tea), alcohol, synthetic sweeteners, sugar, cakes and everything that contains sugar (sugar is strongly acidic), so-called natural juices in stores;

Alkaline foods

  • images (1)cucumber, lettuce, onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, green beans, green peas, celery, cabbage, leeks, carrots, zucchini, turnips, radishes, parsley, dill, peppers, tomatoes, and everything is green (rich in chlorophyll);

  • lemon, lime, avocado, grapefruit, rhubarb, watermelon, coconut (attention, coconut entire, not grinded), soy, beans, buckwheat, quinoa, Khorassan wheat , millet;

  • pure water, water with lemon, herbal tea, fresh squeezed fruit juice, soy or almond milk, vegetable soup;

  • Olive oil cold pressed, canola oil, in general, any oil that is cold pressed, sea buckthorn oil, grape seed oil.

Because of this, hospitals are full of patients and at pharmacies are queues for medicines. Below are some examples of the level of PH in various beverages that people consume them frequently.

PH of aliments commonly consumed

  • drinks phorange juice in stores: pH = 3.84;

  • Pepsi Cola: pH = 2.63;

  • Coca-Cola: pH = 2.61;

  • black coffee: PH = 5.51;

  • apple-juice shops: pH = 3.49;

  • Beer: pH = 4.5;

  • Lipton Ice Tea: pH = 2.8;

  • Red Bull: PH = 3.3.

Although it seems hard to keep a strict just alkaline diet, it does not mean we cannot have a beginning. If we are dealing with serious health problems, it is necessary to make the effort to consume only alkaline foods, at least until health condition returns to normal. If our health is good, then once a week we eat meat, fish, or fruits that are not in the list of alkaline.

I must say that tomatoes and lemons although they have acid PH, reached into the body they have a strong alkalizing effect, therefore we recommend that …

PH imbalances

Imbalances that occur in the body’s PH can lead to the development of several health problems, which include:

  • cardiovascular disease;

  • obesity;

  • Hormonal disorders;

  • Diseases of the bladder and kidneys;

  • Acceleration of oxidative free radicals;

  • Weakness structural systems (brittle bones, hip fractures or joint discomfort);

  • Liver dysfunction;

  • Lack of energy;

  • Slow digestion and constipation;

  • The development of fungal infections;

  • Development of tumors.

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