How To Avoid Sugar

Nowadays, modern food constitutes a . These foods contain, unfortunately, very much sugar and can create dependency in the consumers. Many people think that sweet foods will give them energy to finish the day well. But what they ignore is that this energy does not last more than a few minutes after consuming the sweets.


On the other hand, this habit can have serious repercussions for health:


-Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease;Zahar2

-Growth of cancerous tumors;

-Negative effects on the functioning of the immune system;

-Destroys the teeth and causes multiple cavities;

-Accelerates the aging process.


To avoid these troubles, doctors have a few tips that could help you get rid of this habit:




To get rid of sugar once and for all, you have to change your diet and consume more vegetables and fruit. The latter, such as banana and watermelon, are rich in sugar. However, they contain fiber which slows its absorption. For people who want to lose weight, fruit are not a danger.


Read the label of the product you are going to buy and choose the one with the lowest carbohydrate content. This promotes satiety and avoids binging.


A detox


Try not to eat sweets and opt for a healthy diet. The appetite for sweet foods will make its presence felt from time to time, but the body gets used to the absence of sugar and will not depend on it anymore. Therefore, the body will detoxify and will get rid of the toxins.


An emotionally controlled diet


Some people have a diet governed by their own emotions. Stress or a difficult affair can push them to consume sweets or processed foods. When there is a difficult situation, pay attention to what you are eating and ask yourself why you chose that food. This finding will probably change your mind. When you’re anxious, stressed or angry, try exercise or simply walk.


Try not to eat processed foods


Stopping yourself from eating processed foods will protect the body from many dangerous diseases. Consequently, opt for a healthy diet and exercise.


Cover micro-nutrient deficiencies


Several studies have demonstrated that a deficiency in trace elements can cause the desire to eat sweets. For example, a magnesium or zinc deficiency can trigger cravings. Trace elements play an important role in regulating the glucose and insulin in the blood.


Consequently, replace your sweet foods with foods rich in trace elements, such as: cheese, meat, almonds, seafood, mushrooms, parsley, spinach, rice.


Sleep as it should


In the opinion of experts, a person should sleep between 7 and 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep can cause hunger during the day. Therefore, the person consumes more calories than necessary.


Eat natural sugar


Sugars constitute basic foods in the diet. They are the main source of energy. However, natural sugar is healthier than refined sugar. Replace refined sugar with honey or beets. These two ingredients are good for your health and contain more nutrients than refined sugar.


Eat dried fruit


Dried fruits are good for health. However, they are high in sugar, so eat them in moderation, especially the people with diabetes.


Avoid sweetsZahar1


Whether you are at home or at work, you should avoid consuming any sweets. If you have sweet cravings, try to refrain as much as possible. Keeping away these foods you limit the consumption.


Eat more vegetables


Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs. They strengthen the immune system and provide a feeling of fullness that lasts longer. Replace the processed foods with vegetables.




Hydration is essential for the body. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day, you will boost your metabolism and you will release the toxins.


Consume cinnamon


Cinnamon is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent which stimulates the immune system. Adding the powder in hot drinks will limit cravings for sweets, while protecting your body.


Eat glutamine


Glutamine is derived from glutamic acids. They regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, the acido-basic balance and help maintain the skin’s firmness. You can use glutamine as a complementary food to reduce sugar cravings. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before buying this supplement.


Eat more protein


Recent studies have shown that when the body needs to eat sweets, in reality, it needs more protein. Therefore, when you are craving sweets, eat protein-rich foods such as sardines, lentils or eggs. You will notice the difference.


Landmark moments when you feel the urge for sweets


Perhaps you have noticed that cravings often occur at the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to eat regularly, every 3 hours. Hunger will install later and you’ll be less tempted to crave a cake when the amount of glucose will decrease. Another tip: Take a healthy snack at work, to avoid cravings and to be protected from unhealthy snacks that you can purchase during work hours.


Try to differentiate hunger from thirst


Prior to unwrapping biscuits, think better. Aren’t you thirsty? Many people confuse hunger with thirst. When the body is dehydrated, your energy diminishes and you think a snack might be useful. Drink water all day, and at 4pm, instead of eating chocolate, prepare yourself a great cup of tea. Avoid coffee, because it can trigger cravings.


Eat starchy foods


Eating more foods containing starch (whole wheat bread and pasta, potatoes) during meals will maintain the amount of glucose and will decrease the feeling of hunger and therefore the risk of binge eating. Be sure to combine them with vegetables.


Practice a sportsport


Exercise to encourage the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and to diminish stress. Thus, you will not need sugar to feel pleasure.


Do not be too strict


You do everything right, but you occasionally violate the rules? Do not be too hard on yourself. Take advantage of every moment and live it, so you do not become disappointed and sad.


Adapting to the diet takes time (about a month). However, it is beneficial to health because avoiding processed foods leads to a brighter skin, a slimmer waist, energy, and last but not least, a better health condition.

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