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Fatigue Causes

Little things that you do or do not do can make you feel both mentally and physically tired, which will turn your day into a difficult one.


If you feel lethargic even after the third cup of coffee, your lifestyle may be to blame.


Here are the most frequent situations that can make you feel tired:


You do not exercise – if you do not exercise because you are tired, it only worsens the situation. In a study at the University of Georgia, people who did simple exercises 3 times a week felt more energetic than those who did not. So, if you feel too tired to do a full session of sport, just walk.


You do not drink enough water – being slightly dehydrated will give you more energy because it can cause a decrease in the volume of the blood, making it denser and forcing the heart to pump harder. But if you lack water completely, you will feel more tired than ever.oboseala3


You do not eat enough foods rich in iron – an iron deficiency can make you feel tired, because less oxygen is transported to the cells and muscles. Eat more tofu, peanut butter, lean beef, eggs, nuts and red beans.


You are a perfectionist – it is impossible to be perfect and not realising this will only make life more difficult. Setting unachievable goals will make you work too hard and makes you tired. Be realistic!


Skipping breakfast – the food you eat is what gives you energy, and at night, your body continues to consume energy. When you wake up, you have to fill the reserves, consuming the right food for breakfast.


You eat the wrong food – eating foods full of sugars and preservatives can provide energy for a short time, but it is consumed quickly as well and you will feel tired after a few hours. Keep your blood sugar in normal levels by eating protein and whole grains at every meal.


You can not refuse anyone – doing what others want and not taking care of what you want can be tiring and upsetting in time. You don’t have to always be available for others. Learn to respect yourself and to say “no” when the situation is not favourable.


Your desktop is messy – a messy desk makes you tired by diminishing the ability to focus and to treat the information appropriately. Sort the most important things you need for at the end of the day, your working table to be in order.


Working during the holidays – checking your emails during holidays exposes you to a risk of chronic fatigue. By completely disconnecting from your work allows the body and mind to be more creative and more productive when you return.


You do not have a sleep schedule – sleepiness is not equivalent to fatigue, which is an overall lack of energy. But one of the main causes of fatigue is lack of sleep. An irregular sleep pattern or sleeping too much may be causes of fatigue. Try to go to sleep at fixed hours without sleeping more than you need.oboseala4


You have an above average weight – obesity can cause sleep apnea, a respiratory disorder that can seriously harm your sleep. People who have these episodes of sleep can suffocate from 20 times to 100 times per night.


You are pregnant – one of the first changes that occur in early pregnancy is the most remarkable and sudden change of position during sleep. Pregnancy produces a significant impact on the body and fatigue makes its presence felt from the first quarter. If your normal bedtime hour was past midnight and suddenly you fall asleep at 21, pregnancy could be the cause. Moms may have difficulty sleeping because they have to adjust to their baby’s sleep schedule.

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