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Remedies for hoarseness and laryngitis

Loosing the voice and hoarseness are the main indication of laryngitis – the inflammation of vocal cords.

Causes: Laryngitis or hoarseness is most frequently caused by colds (infections at the level of the superior which can be viral- do not react to antibiotic, and bacteriological- reacts to antibiotic). However, laryngitis can occur at persons that excessively use their voice (teachers, singers) or to the ones who irritate the larynx with tobacco smoke. Laryngitis can aggravate or can accompany diseases as pneumonia, bronchitis, flu or hooping cough.

Advices and cures for hoarseness or laryngitis:

  1. Rest your voice if you suffer of hoarseness.  Do not speak or whisper for two days
  2. If the hoarseness appears again after a sudden effort of screaming, do not take aspirin (aggravates a possibly broken main stem), but use as analgesic the paracetamol.
  3. Make sure your throat stays wet, by using a humidifier in the room or by staying with your head covered above a bowl that contains steam from hot water or tea (twice a day, five minutes each time).
  4. If your throat is hoarse then you have to substitute cold drinks with hot ones which rectify the sensation of dry throat.
  5. Hydrate yourself adequately with 2l of liquids per day.
  6. Use drops with licorice even 5-6 a day as an ancient and useful cure for stopping larynx inflammation.
  7. Try to breathe by using your nose and do not breathe by using your mouth.
  8. Give up smoking and drinking alcohol, because both are powerful chemical substances that irritate the larynx.  By themselves, but mostly together they represent powerful risk factors for larynx cancer.
  9. Some antihistamine, medication for thyroid or antihypertensive can have as after-effects the throat dryness, hoarseness or larynx symptoms.

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