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The sinusitis. Treatment. Cures. Advices for ameliorating the symptoms

The cavities full with air that we have in the plate bones of our brain are called sinuses. The functions of these are: moistening, heating, barrier against infections.

Sinusitis occurs when an air inlet or outlet from the sinus is blocked. The sinus mucous presents an excessive reaction producing too much mucus due to the infectious air that is not renewed.

Symptoms for acute and chronic sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis occurs because of infections and shows symptoms during at least four weeks, while the chronic sinusitis frequently occurs because of some allergies or because of polypi.

The characteristic symptom in sinusitis is the very intense pain, which can be pinpointed at the level of teeth, above the incisor, at the interior angle of the eyeball and above the eyebrows.  Another symptom can be the yellow or green mucous secretions. Nodding your head forward or to one side will give you the sensation that it is very heavy.

If you suffer from acute sinusitis go to the doctor and s/he will dispense an antibiotic treatment. At home, you can do the following things for unblocking or draining the sinus.

  • Breathe in a steam environment such as the one at the shower; use inhalations (humidity has healthy effects). These will help you drain your secretions. Tea, hot soups can also be helpful. A humidifier placed in your room is useful, too.
  • Do nasal irrigations using sprays or drops intended for this aim. You can also use decongestive¬†confections and bicarbonate. We advice you not to overuse these products because they can have an impact on the nasal mucous.
  • Blow your nostrils one by one or if they are full, suck their content into the pharynx.
  • If you have frequent sinusitis problems we recommend you to quit smoking. Smoking brings to the sinus inflammation and stops the mucous cilia from exerting its draining function.
  • Adrenalin is a hormone that narrows down the main stems. In the case of sinusitis it can be useful because it decongests¬†the main stems from the sinus mucous. Do physical exercises and you will grow the level of adrenalin in the organism.
  • In order to ameliorate the sinus pain you can apply a hot compress on the sinus and press over the painful area so that you release tension.

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