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Treatment for the ingrown toenail

Treatment for the ingrown toenail. Usually the round (concave) toenails grow in the corners of the soft tissue around them or are pushed into these. It usually occurs at the big toes. As symptoms the toe becomes red, inflamed and very painful.

The pain is extremely annoying that is why the ingrown toenail treatment regards at first the pain treatment and secondly the prevention of another ingrown toenail reappearance.

Tips and cures for ingrown toenail and the prevention of its reappearance:

  • If you have diabetes urgently go to the doctor, do not try to cut out the toenail by yourself or to cure it by yourself. However simple could seem an ingrown toenail, if neglected or inadequately treated it can lead to a leg amputation for diabetes patients.
  • Do not cut your toenails sharply or in V.
  • In order to prevent the apparition of an ingrown toenail, cut your toenails after taking a bath, straight, and not much shorter than the finger itself.
  • If you broke a toenail, a stump or it is cut too short, file away the nail corner and disinfect the area with industrial alcohol.
  • For caring a ingrown toenail, use clean cotton wool to introduce it under the ingrown toenail until it grows out of the skin that fights against as an obstacle. This procedure can be easily done after a warm bath at your feet.
  • In order to feel comfortable as the toenail at your feet grows, use special softener foot cream that can be found in the drugstore and which can be released without prescription.

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