How to clean the ear wax

The eardrum is protected against dust and other particles by the ear wax, or the so-called cerumen. Sometimes this cerumen can form an ear plug close to the eardrum that must be cleaned. This ear plug can generate a partial lost of hearing, tinnitus, earache and a filling out ear sensation.

After swimming or washing your hair, the water can infiltrate behind the ear plug and give the above mentioned symptoms.

How can you prevent such discomfort:

  • You must never introduce something smaller than the elbow (as the ENT specialists say). The eardrum can be torn apart if you introduce all sort of sharp object. Not even the cue tip or the finger is not indicated. In this way you can hurt the eardrum and push the wax even deeper.
  • The ear plug can be drenched with ear drops containing 5% bicarbonate, olive oil or almond oil. In order to drench fill up a quantity of liquid that could drench the wax. Then lay on the other side and wait for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the method for the other ear. You may need to do this treatment twice a day for a few days. Do not worry if the symptoms are getting worse: the liquid can drop out behind the ear plug. In order to wash off, fill up a bowl with warm water then drag into a syringe. Keep your head bended over the bowl while you inject the liquid in the external acoustic duct with low pressure. Turn your head on the other side and wait for the water to take action.
  • In order to dry your ears do not towel them. You can use a hair dryer or a few drops of medical alcohol. After you cleaned the ears, apply these methods.
  • Do not wash yourself in the ears more than once a month. The cerumen has a very important protection role.

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