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Treatment for Tendinitis

The tendinitis treatment. The inflammation of a tendon and of the tissue around it is a sign of tendinitis. If we are to compare the tendinitis pain and the muscles pain then we can say that the first is a persistent pain, while the second is a temporary one. Tendinitis can occur because of the repetitive movements that you do. If you continue to do these movements it will be difficult for you to obtain the complete recovery of the tendon.

In the following lines is presented the way you can decrease the tendinitis effect and how you can avoid ingravescence:

  • Do you feel pain? Take a break from what you are doing. It is difficult if this is an activity that you do each day at work and you have no choice. Take some days off for the moments when tendinitis can become really painful.
  • Total relaxation is not recommended, but you should avoid movements that can make the pain reappear.
  • Do you make lots of physical exercises? If these ones cause tendons inflammation then you should try others.
  • The warm bath increases the body temperature and leads to a better blood circulation in the stems. The tendinitis pain can be decreased if you warm-up the tendon before doing an activity that will solicit it.
  • The warm application and the electric pillow. Use a warm application and over it put a plastic bag. Over the plastic bag put an electric pillow. You can keep the application for 2 to 6 hours. Do not forget to set the electric pillow at a low temperature, otherwise you can burn yourself.
  • Warm-up before starting to do difficult exercises. If you do the warming-up before, you can prevent the contraction of the muscles and tendons.
  • Ice can be a solution for stopping the inflammation and the pain, but only after you do the exercises.
  • You can also prevent inflammation by raising the painful part above the heart.
  • The Achilles tendon causes you problems? A suggestion can be to wear high-heeled shoes so that you raise the heels and the tendon will not be solicited.
  • Medication. You can use ibuprofen and aspirin. Aspirin can not be administrated to persons who are younger than 16. Ibuprofen must be taken after you eat.
  • See a doctor. He is the only one who can exclude other diseases and dispense a prescription and a treatment scheme based on physiotherapy,   cortisone injections or surgical treatment (if the tendon is calcified or broken).

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