Male impotence – how to overcome

Male impotence is defined as the incapacity to achieve or maintain an erection with the purpose of performing a sexual intercourse.

Causes of impotence:

Diabetes can lead to impotence, but even erectile dysfunction can be a first sign of diabetes. It can also appear after a prostate adenoma surgery, in multiple sclerosis, hypertension, the decrease of masculine hormones (testosterone). It can also be determined by a series of testicular diseases, but there are medicines at which impotence can occur as side effect.

Useful advises in case of impotence:

  • Time is needed. As you get older the time needed for achieving an erection increases. If at 20 years an erection is achieved in seconds, at 30-40 years in minutes, the time between 2 consecutive erections can be conditioned by days for men over 60 years old.
  • Cocaine, marijuana, opiates, heroine, morphine, amphetamines and barbiturates can be another cause.
  • The palmetto is a natural cure that can be bought from naturist shops. You need to do a 2-3 weeks treatment. The main role of the palmetto is to remove the stress that exists at the basis of hormonal dysfunction, hence erectile.
  • Ginger, ginkgo biloba and red pepper have the role of ameliorating the circulation in the penis. Impotence can occur due to an insufficiency of the peripheral circulation which is similar to the syndrome of cold hands and feet. The decrease of high cholesterol ameliorates the blood circulation, inclusively the one in the penis.
  • Half of the men that suffer from impotence are smokers. Smoking severely affects the blood circulation, inclusively the one in the penis which ensures erection.
  • The nervous system ensures the erection achievement and sexual performance. An inhibitory nervous system can cause impotence. Here are the things that depress it and the ones at which you should be careful if you wish sexual performance: alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, heroine, morphine, amphetamines and barbiturate.
  • Pain is the enemy of erection. As long as the body is in pain, even if one cannot tell the real level of it, one cannot achieve erections because these are inhibited by the mediators of the nervous system.
  • Relaxation is needed in order for the brain to redirect the blood in the point where a new need appears: in this case in the penis.
  • Do not forget about the sexual simulators: visual, olfactory, and tactile. They are very important for men.
  • Do not allow impotence to become a tragedy. By discussing it with your partner and by trying to look up for the cause or the solution is a good thing because in this way impotence will not become a long-term issue. The worse that can happen is to hide your problem and to consider it a shameful subject. Let others help you. There are many solutions for this problem.

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