Treatment for motion sickness

Medicines that are used for treating and preventing the vomiting and nausea symptoms vary according to the diseases which initiate these symptoms.

1. The metoclopramide blocks the dopamine receptors and has a weaker effect in stopping the nausea. Taken in big doses has effect on preventing vomiting.

It is used in geriatrics and pediatrics for children’s vomiting and nausea, with the specification that it can have side effects such as extra pyramidal symptoms (the child adopts postural position specific to meningitis)

2. The odansetron is superior to metoclopramide, being effective when treating the vomiting states characteristic to the cytostatic treatments.

3. The cyclizine, the cinarizina, and derivates of promethazine 30-90 mg/day are useful especially in motion sickness, because they act at the central level.

4. The scopolamine -with effect in motion sickness, which is found on the market under the name of Scopolamine Hydrobromide or Scopoderm –retroauricular plaster that can be dispensed for a long period. It might produce side effects such as urine retention, constipation, photophobia, the dryness of mucus.

Very important: All these medicines also have a slightly sedative effect. They are not indicated to drivers.

Ginger has a very strong natural effect in treating nausea and preventing vomiting.

Other plants with similar effect are: lavender, peach leaves, sweet mint, red raspberry cane, lemon balm. On the market one can find the natural treatment Emetin.

Very important: Many of the medicines and plants enumerated below are not indicated in the case of nausea specific to pregnancy. Hydrasis Canadensis is useful in the case of pregnancy.

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