Remedies for calf pains

Among the most frequent calf pains are problems related to the back, overstressing, artery diseases and veins.

If you happen to feel pain when walking as if it were a cramp and which disappears when you’re resting, then we can speak about intermittent claudication.

Intermittent claudication has as a cause the constriction of the arteries which reduce the blood volume that reaches from the heart to the leg muscles (or to the calf).

Smoking, hypertension, diabetes, a diet rich in fats and high cholesterol brings forwards the arteries’ constriction, the circulation decrease and the nutrition decrease of the calf muscle, and by this the apparition of the pain at the level of the calves.

If the calf pains become bothering , you must think that they are the symptoms of some main stems (arteries)  distress and the disease itself can be fatal. The same constriction of the arteries is responsible for the occurrence of chest pains (called angina pectoris).

Cures and advices for intermittent claudication and elimination of the calf pains, by stopping its evolution:

1. No smoking. 75% to 90% of the patients that suffer from intermittent claudication are smokers. Smoking slows down the oxygenation of the leg muscles, replacing the oxygen with carbon monoxide. Nicotine determines the arteries constriction, the exacerbation of blood restriction, the epithelium injure, and brings forward the occurrence of blood clots that can definitively obstruct the artery and can kill the member by imposing amputation.

2. Motion is the most benefic thing. After you stopped smoking, the next essential thing to do for the health of your feet is motion. Walking, even when calf pains occur, must be continued until the pain becomes moderate. The blood circulation ameliorates in 2-3 months due to physical exercise. If these  calf pains are so strong that you feel that you cannot walk, then stop moving for 1 or 2 minutes. The bicycle is much useful.

3. The third step is giving up weight. If you suffer from obesity think that this puts an extra pressure on your feet, articulations, bones but even on the main stems by decreasing their circulation.

4. Even if you feel that your feet are cold avoid excessive heat, because due to poor blood circulation, the hot application or the bottles containing hot water can produce burns.

5.The wine and beer in moderate quantities

In order to avoid the intermittent claudition: men are allowed to drink 3 standard measurements per day and the women 2 standard measurements per day, 250 ml of beer and 85 ml of wine.

6. Be careful with the cholesterol and hypertension, which are one of the most important factors and causes of intermittent claudition(which is one of the main causes of calf pains).

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