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Treatments for acute conjunctivitis

The membrane that covers up the eyelids interior and covers the sclerotic (the white part of the eyes) is called conjunctiva. Acute conjunctivitis appears when this membrane is inflamed.

When the conjunctivitis is inflamed, the eyes are irritated, red and you have the sensation that you have sand in your eyes. There can appear a secretion, too. Acute conjunctivitis can be caused by viruses, bacterium, allergies.

There is no threat of loosing your sight.

We recommend you the following remedies and treatments:

  • A hot application can help you get rid of the redness. Put a hot application three times a day, for maximum 10 minutes and you will feel much better.
  • Conjunctivitis can also heal by itself. It is important to keep your eyes as clear as possible. Clean the eyes with a cotton wad. Imbibe the wad in cooled hot water.
  • Artificial tears with antiseptic action. In a cup mix water and a knife tip of salt and you will obtain a solution similar to tears. Clean off your eye using a cotton wad starting from the lateral towards the nose. After each clean off throw the wad.
  • If your eyes flow a lot wash them twice a day with hot water. Another method is to use children shampoo and clean the eyelashes.
  • The infections given by acute conjunctivitis are very contagious therefore you have to be careful and wash the towel that made contact with your eyes.
  • The chlorine that exists in the swimming pools can be at the basis of a conjunctivitis inflammation. Be careful with it.
  • Is it allergic conjunctivitis? If you have itches and a sliminess flow, it is very probable to suffer from allergic conjunctivitis. You can ameliorate these symptoms if you take antihistamines and you use cold applications. It is very important not to wipe your eyes.
  • In the evening, before going to sleep use an ointment that has in composition an antibiotic and apply it around the eye.

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