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Dizziness remedies

The most affected group age is the old people, but all the other group ages can be affected, too.

The dizziness can be accompanied by: tinnitus, vertigo (the spinning sensation), disequilibrium, falling down.

Causes of dizziness:

  • Affections of the internal ear: infections, labyrinth inflammation, injuries that occur after otitis. Besides dizziness these affections can lead to disequilibrium. The Meniere Syndrome is one of the diseases which manifests through dizziness and vertigo.
  • Affections of the cervical spine, heart diseases (aortic stenosis or aortic insufficiency), orthostatic hypotension are all affections that lead to the decrease of blood pressure at the brain level, and consequently dizziness can occur.
  • Other causes of dizziness can be anemia and hypoglycemia.

Advises and remedies for dizziness:

  • Do not move and try to lean on something. Avoid sudden movements of the head and sit down or lie down in order to prevent trauma in case of a fall down. It is also recommended to lean on something or to grab on to fixed objects in order to communicate to the brain that things are not moving. On the same principle, it is useful to wear low heeled shoes for a better contact with the ground, but also in order to prevent the fall from high heels.
  • Raise and move your legs when you are laying down in order to improve the stem returning of the blood and the cerebral circulation.
  • If you get dizzy when you try to stand up from bed then stand up easily, not suddenly. It is possible that you suffer from orthostatic hypotension that occurs as a sudden decrease of tension and of cerebral irritation when you stand up.
  • Be careful when you are in the bathroom. Think about the wet and slippery surfaces in the bathroom that represent a real risk of falling down, especially if you have dizziness problems. What is more, after a hot bath/shower your blood pressure can decrease and you can fell dizzy.
  • Eat healthy and regularly and drink two liters of water per day. These are not cheap advises, the dehydration by consuming too much or too little water can produce dizziness, as well as decreased glycemia occurs because of eating rarely or anemia due to permanent bleeding and the lack of iron products in our diet (meat, liver,  green goods).
  • Limit the salt quantity that you use in case you were diagnosed with internal ear pathology and especially if you suffer from Meniere syndrome.
  • If dizziness occurs when you are driving or when you travel and is frequently accompanied by throwing-up, then you probably suffer from motion sickness. The internal ear is the one responsible for this, but there are useful remedies and treatments in order to prevent motion sickness.
  • Avoid fear and stress, the main factors that cause panic attacks which by hyperventilation can cause dizziness.
  • You must also be aware that a lot of medicines have as side effects dizziness. If the dizziness appears when taking the following types of medicines you have to consult the doctor that dispensed them: antidepressants, antihypertensives, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, aspirin, medicines for prostate.

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