Cellulite – treatment, massage, exercises

The cellulite treatment contains many stages. Here are 10 excellent advises and remedies for cellulite:

  • Exercises for cellulite: the most simple are the most efficient – going up the stairs and running, riding the bicycle, jumping the rope visibly decrease the cellulite on the chops and buttocks and invigorate them in the same time. It is recommended an hour of physical exercises three times a week. Exercises as Pilates maintain your muscles for a long period.
  • The diet for cellulite: It is recommended an alimentation rich in dietary fiber and very poor in sweets (sugar) and cholesterol (fats). A detoxification diet of the organism can be done with an alimentation that contains 75% fruits and vegetables, but which doesn’t last more than 5 days. What is more, the aliments rich in omega 3 decrease the cholesterol in the blood.
  • The natural remedies for cellulite are tea: cherry, artichokes, dandelion, elder and which has a role of purification of the toxins in the organism (which are deposited in the cellulite under the skin).
  • A supplement of minerals: zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B, C, E improve the metabolic reactions and re-establish the structure and the aspect of the skin.
  • The massage for cellulite: The anti cellulite massage is a rough one, it is used an anti cellulite cream, whose main role is to improve the blood circulation.
  • It is used a device for cellulite called vacuum. The sessions last for about 35 minutes and there are needed about 6. These are accompanied by an anti cellulite massage over the whole body.
  • Other useful devices for eliminating cellulite:
    • electro-stimulation through invigorating the muscles reduces the deposit of fats and reshapes the body;
    • Dermocell– you are dressed in a costume and by using a special massage with pressure, the toxins and water are eliminated and the circulation in regions with cellulite are improved.
    • Thermage– based on a NASA technology; by using radio frequency it heats the dermis and stimulates the reshaping by reestablishing the collagen structures.
  • Thalassotherapy – acvatic gymnastics and sea water hydro massage, algae and mud packing (from the Dead Sea).  The skin is extremely penetrable with sea microelements especially when the water temperature is higher than the body temperature. These, as the algae and mud, feed, cure and confer flexibility to the skin.
  • The anti-cellulite cream is produced by different companies (Aslavital, Korres, Gerovital, Garnier, Oriflame, Nivea, Eucerin, Gerocossen) and is based on natural active ingredients (such as green tea, coffee, guarana, grapefruit) that have lipolytic action and especially of improving the sanguine and lymphatic circulation in the region that is applied. These favor the toxins elimination and the combustion stimulation.
  • The mesotherapy and the surgical treatment:
    • the mesotherapy consists of local injections with different substances (vasodilatators, anti-inflammatory, muscular relaxants) that have the best result without diet and sport.
    • Liposuction consists of soft incisions that through tubes connected to a vacuum can eliminate the fats. In the case it isn’t followed by sport and diet, the fat tissue reappears and migrates in other regions of the body becoming dangerous.

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