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Treatments for hair loss – alopecia

The hair is permanently regenerating. Hair is falling to make place to the new one that is growing. We loose an average of about 100 hairs a day. A very abundant loss of hairs is called alopecia.

The loss of hair is accentuating with age. At men can aggravate since their youth being a form of alopecia dependent of hormones and genetically transmitted also called androgenic alopecia.

At women the loss of hair occurs because of the hormone fluctuations produced by pregnancy, menopause, contraceptive pills or increased levels of testosterone.

Other causes of alopecia are eczemas and fungal infections of the scalp, hypothyroidism, diabetes or emotional or psychological daily stress.

Remedies for preventing the hair loss:

  1. Hair loss can occur because of an acute disease and it can disappear really quickly. Be patient.
  2. The quackeries didn’t prove their efficiency until today and that is why they don’t exist in the list of those approved by the sanitary norms.
  3. The minoxidil is a medicine approved and frequently used in treating alopecia because it stimulates the hair growth. The medicine can induce hypotension, initially being used as a cure for hypertension. For the medicine to have effect it must be taken during a four months period and then to continue to take it. You can buy the lotion that contains minoxidil without a prescription from the drugstores.
  4. The arnica is a natural remedy useful especially in the alopecia caused by stress or on a nervous basis. The cream that contains arnica can be found in drugstores, natural products stores or supermarkets and it can be applied twice a day in the regions with alopecia or the ones where the hair losses are severe.
  5. Protect the hair that has left: Do not brush it aggressively, do not brutalize it because traction alopecia can occur. The curling devices and/or straightening with the hair plate can determine the loss of hair through traction or burning at high temperatures. Hot or permanent oils can determine the inflammation of the hair root generating the loss of hair.
  6. If there aren’t other causes of hair loss and you are a stressed person, solve this problem and eliminate stress.

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