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Vasectomy – irreversible contraception for men

Vasectomy is the irreversible surgical method of contraception for men.

The decision to adopt such a form of birth control must be extremely responsible and discussed in a couple. Men who resort to undergo a vasectomy process are usually married men that after a number of years of marriage with their wives decide not to make children.

If there is a degree of uncertainty in making this decision, vasectomy is not recommended because it can have a powerful impact on the psyche of a man and his current life and future life in couple.

For people who want to ensure that after vasectomy they can have a child, sperm may be preserved and used. IVF is a not recommended method for people with childbearing potential.

What is vasectomy, how is done and what happens after?

The procedure of vasectomy is to interrupt the vas deferens that have a role in sperm transport from testicle. Normally they are mixed with secretions produced by the prostate.

The semen from a man with vasectomy does not contain sperm. So fertilization of an egg is impossible, and in the absence of any other methods of contraception that are unnecessary. Instead, methods of sexual protection like condoms are indicated for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Vasectomy surgery: The patient is operated under local anesthesia, awake during surgery and with minimal risk of anesthesia or postoperative complications. Surgical technique (performed by a urologist) consists in cutting the scrotum on both sides with surgical interruption of the ducts deferens. Success is almost guaranteed.

 Important to know:

After vasectomy surgery there is a period until the sterility is fully installed . During this time it is recommended to use in parallel and other methods of contraception (6-7 weeks).

Masculinity and male hormones are not affected in any way. The amount of testosterone remains the same as before the vasectomy operation, without any change in the secondary male sexual characteristics or pilosity.

Vasectomy operation does not affect any erection, stamina and sex drive. Sexual intercourse is not in any way affected by vasectomy. Appearance of sperm is the same.

Recommendations after surgery vasectomy – vasectomy recovery:

Healing after such an operation is easy. In 12 days postoperative symptoms disappear completely. In the early days of postoperative recovery are recommended:

– To avoid baths immediately after surgery,

– Work can be resumed immediately without, however, too much physical effort,

– To avoid area injuries and sustained exercise,

– It also recommended the use of other contraceptive methods for 6-7 week for the final installation of sterility. In less than 1% of cases, the sectioned vas deferens duct during the operation of vasectomy, have restored the continuity

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