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Childhood diseases – measles, rubella, chickenpox

Childhood diseases present with symptoms like rash and require prompt diagnosis and correct medical care. In general the evolution of these diseases of childhood is favorable, but consult with a physician is necessary because of possible complications.

Mothers, especially in particular for children integrated into society (nurseries, kindergartens) have to be alert to the child’s skin eruptions and present it to the doctor immediately if you notice spots, vesicles that extend. And do not forget the vaccination and revaccination recommended by your family doctor. Measles, rubella and chickenpox benefit of prevention.

Measles is manifested after an incubation period of 10-12 days. As a childhood disease, measles is highly contagious, but it is not common because of the vaccination program. In the measles appears a rash that is specific, often preceded by severe fever, acute conjunctivitis and cough.The specific rash of measles starts on the face and neck and then expands on the limbs and trunk. Complications in the disease is rare in cases unattended by a physician and are: bronchopneumonia, otitis media, myocarditis or laryngitis.

Rubella compared to measles has a milder evolution, with fewer complications. Incubation in rubella is 14-21 days and may be accompanied by a slight fever (below 38.5 degrees Celsius). Rubella rash disappears in about 3 days. What is really dangerous is that a pregnant woman to make rubella because of the serious complications that the baby can have.

Varicella (popularly called chickenpox) is one of the most common childhood diseases. Rash in chickenpox is in the form of vesicles that occur within approximately 2 weeks of evolution, in 3 to 5 spikes. The rash of chickenpox is preceded by fever. In any child with contagious viral diseases is not recommended the treatment with aspirin because can cause liver failure or encephalopathy. As a form of prevention for varicella there is vaccination, but the vaccine does not cover the possibly of appearance of zona-zoster later in life which is caused by the same virus as chickenpox.

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