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Treatment for bruises

  • On each hit that can be followed by a bruise apply ice or if you don’t have ice, put a package with frozen vegetables. Hold the package with ice above the contusion for a quarter of hour. After you take the ice, do not put nothing warm there, but let it become warm in a natural way. By cooling , the main stems from the hurt region will contract themselves and in this way the blood that forms the bruise won’t accumulate. Besides the constriction effect, the ice will decrease the inflammation and will dull  the contusion area.
  • It is necessary to warm that region after a day in order to stimulate the sanguinic stems. Otherwise, too much blood will appear in the healed area.
  • Do you have any bruises on your legs? For rushing the healing keep your legs up so that the blood cannot trickle down.
  • Eat many aliments that contain a great amount of vitamin C. This vitamin helps at the collagen synthesis around the main stems, making them even stronger. We have on our body areas where the collagen is not in great quantities and in these  areas the bruises have a darker colour: the face, the hands, the legs.  If your alimentation lacks vitamin C you’ll be more vulnerable to bruises. Fruits, vegetables, citrics, kiwi, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.
  • Aspirin and anticoagulant medicines taken by those who were prescribed medicines by a cardiologist for protection against heart diseases, can make any hit be followed by a bruise. Other medicines that can influence bruises are: steroids, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants.
  • The curing process is stimulated by putting a warm application after 1-2 days from the apparition of the bruise.

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