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Treatments and remedies for candida albicans

Remedies for candida infection. It doesn’t exist only as medical treatments, but also advises and remedies that can help you get rid of it or protect yourself from it.


  • Consult the doctor. It must be known that there are different types of candida with different responses to medicines, and some of them can be cured with creams, without a medical prescription. But there can also be forms of candida that respond to vaginal suppositories or to other medication that can be taken orallyYour doctor can make you a sensitivity test and see exactly which the medications that your candida responds to are. If you have tried many products without success it is possible you have a strong resistance to those products.
  • The oats bath. In order to calm the local irritation and the itches you can use powder oats that you can find in the drugstores. Use it for bath as a water suspension.
  • A cold and wet material calms the irritation (vaginal itches and stings). But you must avoid the long baths and keeping the region wet for a long time, because candida likes a wet environment.
  • Be careful how you dry yourself after the shower/bath. Use a towel to dry by slight wadding and not by scratching which can irritate.
  • Use more cotton and less synthetic material. If you chose to wear cotton underclothes to the detriment of the synthetic one, then you will ensure a better ventilation of the intimate region avoiding the wetness support.
  • Pay attention to the bath products. The products that contain perfume, the soaps, the bath salt or the foaming agents are irritating for the vaginal area and its benefic flora. For intimate cleaning avoid the gel cleanser, the perfumed face soaps. You can use neutral ph soaps, special solutions for the intimate area, dermatological tested.
  • Carefully irrigate them. Daily irrigations or too often ones can irritate the internal mucus of the vagina and destroy the balance between the normal and the pathological flora. The vagina has an auto clearing protection system through its secretions.
  • The hygiene after using the toilet and before the sexual act. Take care not to dry yourself from backwards to forwards after urination and dejection. This procedure is responsible for spreading the bacteria from the anus in the vagina, being responsible for the infections with coliformes germs at the vaginal level but also of urinary infections. In order to prevent the spreading from the anal region is recommended to clean the intimate area before the sexual act.
  • The mental equilibrium. Very often a candida or a vaginal infection that occurs suddenly and without any reason in a healthy woman’s life can be caused by a disequilibrium or event in her personal and emotional life.
  • The yoghurt. The consume of yoghurt gives you the source of efficient bacteria () with the role of ph equilibrium and even candida prevention.
  • Candida feeds itself  with sweet. Do not feed it. Take care at the consume of sweets and to the      diabetes suspicion. The women that suffer from diabetes can do vaginal infections that are hardly treated. Be careful at your glycemia.  The candida that appears to a man before his partner can raise the diabetes suspicion for himself, too.

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