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Treatments for abscesses and boils

The abscess represents a skin infection, often with staphylococci. The infection occurs in the region of a lesion, of a strangled sweat gland or hairs. An abscess is accompanied by the redness and the inflammation of the skin, which becomes warm and sensible in the region where it occurs.

A white point represented by pus can be noticed in the center of an abscess. The pus contains cells that fight against infections together with the cell remains that remain after the fight of the immune system.

The abscess can reabsorb by itself or can accumulate as a volcano that is prepared to erupt. The abscesses haven’t got a pleasant aspect but they must be treated with prudence because they can be very dangerous.

How to deal with the abscess or boil:

  1. If an abscess is big and painful, or on the face, especially around the nose or mouth, consult the doctor who will extirpate it through incision, will effectuate draining and massage.
  2. At home:
    • Use warm applications, water wet all the time, for 15 to 20 minutes, several times a day. The heat stimulates the accumulation of pus and the elimination of the infection and in the same time the spontaneous evacuation of the abscess. This process can last for days.
    • It is indicated to apply warm applications another three days after the abscess rupture in order to stimulate the pus draining system that could have remained in the surrounding tissues.
  3. In order to break a small abscess , without other signs of infection spreading (enlarged lymph, big red striae and fever) you can use a needle point sterilized by a flame, which can help you crack the head of the abscess. Then by clenching you can eliminate the content. A bandage does not accelerate the healin, but protects the clothes and the tissue around of the content. If you allow an abscess/boil to evacuate by itself it is possible that this thing to happen during the night. You can use an antiseptic if the abscess is opened, but it is not a must.
  4. Do not spread the staphylococci. I f you have an abscess in the evacuation phase, keep your skin clean around it and try not to spread the infection in the bathrooms or by not washing your hands when you touched it. Staphylococci can lead to an alimentary poisoning due to not washing the hands.
  5. Prevent the furunculosis. If you had noticed that you are predisposed to this kind of repeated infections of the skin (multiple abscesses and boils), prevent the furunculosis by periodically cleaning the skin area with an antiseptic.

Resort to a doctor and do not treat yourselves if you have a boil which:

  • It is localized around the nose or the mouth. If you try to break it you can set off an infection that can reach the brain
  • Occurs repeatedly on the abdomen, back or the armpit.
  • Occurs on the breasts when you nurse.
  • It hurts.
  • It has infection spreading signs: the occurrence of red striae, inflamed lymph and/or fever.

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