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Sciatica treatment

Treatment in sciatica consists in avoiding risk factors (normalization of body weight, avoid demanding physical exertion), drug treatment and recovery.

During acute pain in sciatica is recommended bed rest within 2 days, with gradual and progressive recovery, but as early in daily activities. It is also recommended to wear lombostat in the acute phase of sciatica and during exercise.

Drug therapy in sciatica consists of:

  • Administration of oral anti-inflammatory medicine. Since this category includes aspirin, ibuprofen (Nurofen), diclofenac is recommended to be taken with drugs for gastric protection.
  • To reduce gastric damage of NSAIDs, coxibs is as a class of drugs used to reduce gastric damage (Arcoxia, Celebrex).
  • It also may be given drugs for pain and muscle contracture (Algocalmin) and muscle relaxants.
  • For a stronger response in the reduction of pain in sciatica can be done paravertebral infiltration with corticoid steroid (dexamethasone).
  • Soothe the patient with recommendation of treatment with sedative and / or tricyclic antidepressants.

If a herniated disc symptoms worsen and / or do not resolve or complications appear is indicated a herniated disc surgical cure, medical treatment with the role of timing of reducing  hernia.

Sciatica treatment – medical rehabilitation consists of:

  • In acute low back pain is indicated: lumbar kyphosis posture (inverse normal curvature), ice massage in painful points, handling and traction of back in no very painful lumbago, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy (with contraindications known by recovery doctor).
  • In chronic phase of sciatica the treatment of recovery includes: electro-and hydrotherapy, lumbar-gluteal muscle exercises, paravertebral, buttocks and abdominal muscle toning,  hydrokinetotherapy, vascular massage for those who wear lombostat.

For medical treatment is necessary advice of a neurosurgeon, rheumatologist and the rehabilitation therapy is done in a specialized clinic with referring and under the direction of a physician of recovery and physiotherapy.

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