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Bleeding causes of the gums – gingivitis and parodontosis

The parodontosis includes all the parodontal diseases that define bacteria infections of the gum tissues and the bones around the teeth. The oral cavity contains more than 500 types of bacteria. The lack of adequate oral hygiene begins with the occurrence of the dental plaque that is lax at first, then it mineralizes, forming tophus. The tophus is the ideal surface for the expansion of the infections, which by toxins and inflammation destroy the surrounding tissue.

These infections are multiplied in the gingival bags and can gradually lead to the loss of the teeth and to their deterioration (the teeth become loose, weaker and in the end they can be lost)

The poor hygiene and the rarely brushing is the starting point of development for periodontitis. Other causes are: too much sugar, smoking, alcohol abuse, systemic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, blood diseases and anatomic malformations, the filing of a tooth, the inefficient crowns and plates.

Parodontosis symptoms:

At the beginning the disease can have some unnoticeable symptoms that lasted for many years, the only sign being the gums that bleed when brushing (gingivitis).

  1. Gingivitis is the first phase of parodontosis. The first sign is the gums bleeding are: at first when brushing, then when touching them while eating. Red and inflamed gums may appear. Gingivitis is completely irreversible and it can be treated with special toothpastes and mouthwashes.
  2. Periodontitis without the lost of teeth is a more advanced process in which appear dental bags, that represent a great environment for germination. As symptoms you can notice a distance between the gums and the teeth that makes place to the sub gingival plaque and favors the close attack of the tooth. The periodontitis cannot be eliminated just by brushing.
  3. Prodontitis with the lost of teeth. The tissues that hold the teeth are deteriorated, the teeth pockets are deep, the tooth neck is exposed and the infection determines the looseness of the teeth. The movement of the teeth indicates a significant loss of bones. The end of untreated prodontitis is the lost of teeth.

Very often the periodontal diseases can be painless. There are however symptoms that can trigger attention: red inflamed gums, the gum bleeding during the brushing, increased pain and sensibility when you eat aliments such as apples, the presence of tophus,  increased sensibility at chemical and caloric stimulus (cold water or hot tea), the unpleasant smell of the mouth, retracted gums and the teeth neck exposed.

The periodontal infections and periodontitis are as a big wound that is not healing. They can determine systemic diseases by allowing the bacteria to enter in the main stems or the formation of septic emboli.

In order to prevent and cure parodontosis an oral hygiene is necessary to eliminate the dental plaque with antibacterial toothpaste, the cleaning of the dental spaces and of course, the consult of a dentist.

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