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Raspberry tree shoot – remedy for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

The extract from the raspberry tree shoot treats the diseases of the female genital apparatus, and the leaves increase the organism resistance to the colds.

The extract from the raspberry tree shoot is capable to reestablish the off-balance ovarian equilibrium in the dysmenorrhea syndromes, in endocrine disorders of puberty and menopause and in the disequilibrium that accompany the endocrinology disorders.

The diseases for which is recommended the use of the raspberry tree shoot are:

  • amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, at any age, inclusively the one that accompanies menopause
  • libido disorders
  • frigidity
  • dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia in premenopause
  • functional metrorrhagia
  • metritis and vaginosis
  • uterine fibroma
  • premenstrual disorders
  • urinary lithiasis.

You can take a dose of 1,5 ml, two times  to four times a day , 15 minutes before the meal.

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