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Raynaud’s Syndrome Remedies

In the Raynaud’s syndrome the sudden exposure to low temperatures, as the stems constriction and the slow-up of the blood flow can be extremely painful. Because the blood flow into the affected regions decreases, the lack of oxygenate blood makes the fingers and toes become white and even a blue shade.

In the advanced stages of the affection, the poor quantity of blood can reduce the fingers’ dexterity and lower the tactile sense.

The cold is not the only problem. This strange affection can result from the lesion of the main stems caused by the vibrations of powerful mechanical equipments, such as chain saw and pneumatic hammer, and also the hypersensitivity to medications which affect the main stems or by affections of the tissues which surround the main stems and the nerves.

Here are some suggestions for protection:

  • Train yourself to fight against the cold. Train your hands to warm in the cold adopting this technique developed by the American army researchers in Alaska. Enter in a room with comfortable temperature and dip your hands in a warm water bowl for 3-5 minutes. Then go into a cold room and dip your hands in warm water for 10 minutes.  Normally, the cold air should determine the contraction of the peripheral sanguine stems, and the warm water their dilation. The repeated training of the main stems into dilatation despite the cold will help in the end to confront the constrictor reflex even in the absence of warm water.
  • Turn your arms around in order to generate heat.
  • Eat aliments rich in iron. The lack of iron can change the thyroid metabolism, the one which adjusts the body temperature. Aliments rich in iron include: chicken meat, fish, red meat, lentil    and the vegetables with green leaves.
  • Eat warm foods. The act of eating itself increases the body temperature. The phenomenon is called thermogenesis. Something warm will be benefic: a hot tea before the morning walking, o bowl of soup or a warm lunch will maintain your hands and legs warm even when the weather is cold.
  • Drink liquids. Dehydration can worsen the temperature decrease by reducing the sanguine volume. Keep yourself away from the cold by drinking enough warm liquids such as plant tea, vegetables or chicken soup made at home.
  • Say NO to coffee. The coffee and other aliments or drinks that contain caffeine cause the sanguine stems’ constriction.
  • Avoid the alcohol. It warms you the hands and legs for a little while by the increase of the sanguine flux towards the skin and will make you feel less comfortable from a caloric point of view. I f the heat is lost, reducing the body temperature the alcohol will make you feel the cold.
  • Dress yourself warmly. Warm your hands and put on your gloves before getting outside. Put something on your head: a very important quantity of heat is lost through the surface of the body.
  • Try to use portable accessories for warming. Some persons believe that the gloves with electric heat are very useful. There are many small portable accessories for warming.
  • Wear long clothes. None of the clothes should be too close-fitted. The clothes can interrupt the circulation and eliminate the isolating air pockets.
  • Dress yourself with layers of clothes. These help at the retention of heat and allow you to renounce to the ones you no longer need when the temperature increases.
  • Wear impermeable clothes.
  • Do not smoke. Cigars contribute at the extremities decrease of temperature in two ways: accelerate the atheromas and because they contain nicotine they diminish the small main stems, and by this they diminish the sanguine input that is meant to maintain the hands and legs warm.

By respecting and following the advises mentioned above you will be capable to easily confront the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome.

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