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How to lose weight

The first step you have to do when you want to lose weight is to adopt healthy methods of feeding yourself. The most recommended aliments are vegetables that have a decreased level of calories.

When you cook meat, cut out the fat on it.If it’s chicken meat cut out the chicken skin in order to be sure that these aliments won’t affect your weight.

It is also important to find a person to which to „report to”. People tend to be more conscious when someone else monitors them. By doing all these by yourself  it will be pretty hard and less probable to succeed in losing weight.

Note down all what you eat and keep track of the notes. You’ll have a pleasant surprise to notice how many aliments extra you can consume when there isn’t a menu that you have to follow each day.

It is recommended to eat fresh aliments, unfrozen and preferably to be boiled. By boiling the aliments you will avoid the excessive consume of calories, when we all know that a tea-spoon of oil contains 120 calories.

The diet and physical exercises must be followed also. You can do exercises until you each exhaustion and still will not notice any difference concerning your weight if the quantity of calories will be as increased as before. It is the same vice versa, if you have a diet without doing physical exercises your body won’t lose too much in weight.

You should concentrate on loosing fat and not kilograms. The muscles have a bigger percent from the body weight than the adipose tissue has. Your physical aspect will always count more for you and not how

Women have a surplus of fats at the level of the hips and thighs, while men have adipose tissue is deposited around the waist and abdomen.This is caused by the fact that the blood circulation is reduced in that regions, and fat doesn’t depositates in strongly vascularized regions. Therefore, during your diet you can use fat burning agents, such as ephedrine.

The main key for losing weight is consequence, because if you start missing all the main meals or you skip your physical exercises, your progress will slow down and you will get discouraged.

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