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Joints pain – causes, prevention, treatment

Also called osteoarthritis, affects nowadays over 21 millions people in USA, especially women under 50 years old, and men under 45 years old.

Also called the ”I can’t get up of bed” disease, it affects mainly women’s member articulations, and men’s hip, spinal column and fist.

Causes and factors that produce the articulation pain:

  • the fact that you get older aggravates the thinness, the fissure and the erosion of the cartilage that tapestry the bones from the articulation  and facilitate the motion;
  • preexisting lesions, such as sprains present since youth;
  • the lost of muscles weight determines the growth of the charge over the articulation
  • the inflammation from small traumas determine lysis lesions at the articulation level
  • excessive weight over solicits and burdens the motion of the joints, especially over the knee, the hips and the lumbar region of the spinal column; each kilo you put on increases the joints stress over the knee by four times;

How can joints pain be prevented? Here are some simple advises to follow:

  1. Avoid sedentariness. Sport decreases articulation pain. There are recommended sports such as swimming, riding the bicycle, yoga, walking twice a week. Also sports that do not over solicit the joints and which are combined with relaxation exercises are very good. In case you work with a computer, adopt a proper position( 50 to 60 cm by the monitor and the superior side of the monitor at the level of the top of the head)
  2. Reduce your body weight. If you are overweight or obese be aware that a 5 kilo waste of weight can reduce the pain with up to 50% at most women.
  3. Lift weights and train your member’s muscles and the abdominal muscles. By assuring a invigoration of the muscles you make the charge of the articulations easier.
  4. Ice enwrapped in a towel is recommended for healing pain and after physical effort. This can reduce inflammation and decreases the level of synovial fluid that has been accumulating.
  5. Stand straight. The straight position on a chair can do miracles and prevents the back aches, and also wear bags that have two straps and not bags that you wear on one shoulder, and when you lift weights, bend your knees and not your back.
  6. Adopt a healthy nutrition which doesn’t contain too many snacks, and of course avoid fast-foods. Don’t forget about the benefits that aliments rich in omega 3 can bring you and which ameliorates inflammation and reduces pain, but also vitamin D which protects articulations. A glass of milk contains 100 UI of vitamin D, and you need 400 to 800 UI each day. Calcium is the essential element for healthy bones. It can be find in big quantities in dairies, but also broccoli, figs and turnips. Vitamin A, C, E and selenium must be distributed in a balanced way, being extremely important antioxidants.
  7. Hydrate yourself.
  8. Avoid consuming excessive coffee (more than 2 cups), because coffee brings forward the elimination of calcium from our body and forms osteoporosis.
  9. Enjoy yourself a massage or a warm bath that lighten the pain and relax the muscles and joints. In the case of massages, the swish one is the most indicated for joints pain.

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