Diarrhea treatment in children

Diarrhea treatment for children is at hand for everyone and extremely useful and may be represented by:

  • Racecadrotil – sachets in three doses, the dose is calculated according to the child’s weight, and is administrated during 5 days
  • Smecta – very useful irrespective of the diarrhea cause, without side effects:
  1. for nurseling, 1 sachet per day dissolved and sugared with glucose
  2. for children between 1 and 2 years old, 2 sachet per day
  3. for adults and children older than 2, 3 sachets per day

It does not administer Loperamid (Imodium) only under the recommendation of the doctor. It can have dangerous side effects, especially for children under 2 years old.

The antibiotics are dispensed only by the pediatrician being useful only in diarrhea caused by bacterium infections, and the type of the antibiotic is necessary to aim at the causing bacterium. That is why antibiotics would not be administrated without the doctors’ instruction.

Important to know:

The first treatment step and the most important is rehydration that must be done urgently under the consultation of the pediatrician, due to the dangerous dehydration at children which must be known inclusively by parents (dehydration signs)

Diet made under the guidance of the doctor is also extremely important, and is specific according to the age of the child. It will start by eliminating the milk from the alimentation, and passing step by step to a usual alimentation during 5-7 days, the introduction of a product from the anterior alimentation being also extremely important. An important role in treating diarrhea has the carrots soup and the increase of milk quantity to the normal demand, at the end of the diet.

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