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High level of estrogen hormones

The hyperestrogenism is an ovarian dysfunction which can be cause by a lesion or cause by secretions or can have a functional metabolic cause.

The organ-lesion hyperestrogenism is characterized by hormones secretion in very big doses with the lost of the cyclic rhythm and acute character. It is due to cystic ovaries, total hyperplasia or ovarian tumors.

The functional and metabolic hyperestrogenism is most frequently due to an estrogen and progesterone secretion disorder or of their metabolisation (chronic hepatitis, chronic cirrhosis). A particular form is represented by iatrogenic hyperestrogenism which appeared because big doses or uncontrolled doses of estrogen were administered.

The symptoms vary and depend of the sensibility of the estrogenic receptors:

  • disorders of the menstrual cycle/period;
  • the breast congestion, premenstrual;
  • cephalalgia, insomnia, instability, iritability, attention disorders, crying and gelosy crisis, exagerated libido;
  • cyclic edema;
  • mammal glands present volume variations with painful accentuated tension at movements in the supero-external quadran.
  • the vulva is trophic, the vagina is small, the cervix┬áis hypersecretant with abundent cervical mucus, the obsolete uterus is ferm and sensible premenstrual.

From a psychic point of view, the woman is characterized by high affective tension. She manifests maternal, cultural and professional preoccupations in which are valued the cultural possibilities. It can develop different types of neurosis, to present premenstrual migraine crisis, the accentuation of the symptoms of certain associated diseases (asthma, dermatitis, herpes and joint pain).

In internal pathology they are the billiay dyskinesia and spastic colitis are complicated and maintained by hyperestrogenism.

The treatment of the hyperestogenic syndrome must be individualized from case to case, according to its clinical form and the evolution phase. In relative hyperestrogenism, the treatment has as purpose the reestablishing of the estrogenic-progesterone equilibrium.

The surgical indication is recommended for ovarian tumors and in some situations of ovarian cystic lesions.

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