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Expectorants and cough treatment for adults and children

The cough treatment is a symptomatic one. Anti-coughing medicines are useful in the situations in which cough becomes harmful: dry cough tires the patient, doesn’t let him/her sleep (especially patients with heart problems), the accentuation of laryngeal and bronchial mucus favors the bronchospasm, which contributes to the emphysema development (chronic cough, persistent cough) or sets off hemoptysia.

In intensive chronic cough anti-cough medicines with central effect are recommended, preferably the ones that do not make you become addicted.

In spastic cough and for people suffering from asthma are indicated medicines such as salbutamol, terbutalina, teofilina and corticoids.

The best treatment in the case of children cough is the cough syrup Paxeladine (oxeladine) which is similar to codeine which is administered to adults. It doesn’t produce somnolence or constipation. It can be found under the form of cough syrup or pills.

Reference anti-cough medicines for adults are opioids: Codeine under the form of pills and Dextrometrofan- Tusin pills, Humex-cough syrup. These are administered in dry irritating cough, Codeine having the role of analgesic. The side effects of codeine are: constipation, nausea, dizziness at therapeutically doses, sleepiness t big doses! At children they can produce convulsions. It isn’t indicated for children under 5 years old or being administered on a long period of time because it can produce addiction.

Before administering remedies against cough you have to take into consideration that the cough reflex is benefic for the organism, has a protection character and is an important mechanism for cleaning and draining the breathing system.

For favoring this process of cleaning and draining the breathing system are administered expectorants that favor the occurrence of productive cough.

In this way when treating acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, BPCO are administered expectorants such as: Ambroxol-Mucosolvan, Acetilcistein-Fluimucil, ACC-administered also in pneumonia,TBC;  Carbocisteina-Fluidol, Erdosteina-Erdomed.

In order to stimulate these bronchia secretions it can be used: Guaiafenesina, Sirogal (syrup), Plantain syrup – used for children who have acute bronchitis.

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