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Systemic lupus erythematosus diagnostic criteria

For the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus are needed four of these positive criteria, successively or simultaneously.


1. Malar rash, fixed flushing, flat or raised, on cheek area. The nasal-labial groove is respected.

2. Discoid lupus. Erythematous plates with scaly adherent keratoses with obstruction of follicles, sometimes cicatricial atrophy on old injuries.

3. Photosensitivity. Skin rash after exposure to the sun, seen by the doctor / patient.

4. Oral ulcerations. Nasopharyngeal or oral ulceration, usually painless, observed by physician.

5. Arthritis. Non-erosive arthritis, affecting two or more peripheral joints, characterized by pain, swelling or exudate.

6. Serosity. a) Pleuritis, pleural pain history or pleural rubbing heard by the doctor or pleural effusion or b) Pericarditis, affirmed on ECG, by pericardial rubs or by identifying pericardial fluid.

7. Kidney. a) Persistent proteinuria over 0.5 g/24 hours or more than 3 if it can’t be quantified or b) cell cylinders.

8. Neurological involvement. a) Seizures in the absence of responsible medication or metabolic causes (uremia, ketoacidosis, electrolyte imbalances) or b) psychosis, in the absence of responsible medication or metabolic causes (uremia, ketoacidosis, electrolyte imbalances).

9. Haematological involvement. a) hemolytic anemia with reticulocytosis or b) Leukopenia (<4.000/mm3), after 2 or more determinations or c) lymphopenia (<1.500/mm3), after 2 or more determinations or d) thrombocytopenia (<100,000 /mm3), not caused by medication.

10. Immunologic abnormalities. a) LE cells are present or b) abnormal titre of antiADNds antibodies or c) the presence of anti-Sm antibodies or d) false positive serological tests for syphilis at least 6 months.

11. Antinuclear antibodies. Abnormal ANA titre determined by immunofluorescence or another technique, in the absence of drugs that can induce SLE.

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