Marigold tea – indications of treatment

Marigold tea, as depurative of the blood is helpful in acute hepatitis (viral infection), drinking in amounts of 2-3 times a day.

Cancerous ulcers, cancerous tumors, supurinde wounds that will not heal, wash with an infusion of equal parts of marigold and horse-tail. It will use a spoon of this mixture with half of a liter of water.

Other diseases in which marigold tea is a remedy: urinary infections, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, ulcers), para-typhoid fever.

Usage of  marigold tea

Infusion: add 1 teaspoon of dried herb to a glass of water. Drink four cups a day.

External: sitz bath: is done using two hands full of fresh herb or 0.1 grams of dried herb.

Wash: in case of vaginal trichomoniasis, of wounds, burns, ulcers. To wash use a tablespoon of marigold to 0.5 liters of boiling water. Two minutes keep covered and use the infusion when it becomes warm.

Marigold ointment. Use a pound of margarine, lard or other fat and two handfuls of chopped herb (flower, stem, leaves). The plant is placed in melted fat (to be warm, not hot). Mix with a wooden spoon and leave covered half a day (with heat off). The next day, reheat and strain through linen or gauze. Sewer is put in the jar in the refrigerator. This is the ointment. Plant residues are put in another jar in the refrigerator and used in the form of poultices, 3-4 times.

Ointment is to be used in: contusions, sprains, varicose veins, phlebitis, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids, wounds, post-operative scars, tumors, lymph nodes, fistulas, frostbite, burns, enlarged lymph nodes, sores in breast, even if they are malignant.

In case of tumors it can be applied in thick cream. It is used successfully in skin cancer.

Fresh juice of marigold. Leaves, stems, flowers are washed and wet put in the juice extractor. Put juice in a bottle in the refrigerator and use it in case of pruritus (itching) in scabies.

Fungal infections in the genital area, with intense itching is treated with bath of decoction of the fresh herb: 5 tablespoons of dried herb or 2 handful of fresh herb for bath, lasting 10 minutes. Plants can be used 3-4 times.

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