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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy Pregnant woman eatingNutrition in pregnancy. Proteins are indispensable at a level of 1.5 g/kg, half as animal protein. Milk, a liter a day, when tolerated, is a good source of proteins. Yogurt can replace milk if you have milk intolerance. Lipids need is slightly modified but on the contrary, carbohydrates must reach the level of 350-400 g / day.

Of minerals, phosphorus and calcium are used in large amount. These minerals can be found in milk, cheese, fruit, eggs, milk. Calcium therapy is almost unnecessary and sometimes dangerous because of its involvement in the mechanism that triggers uterine contractions.

Iron needs are increased to 30 mg / day. Vegetables, especially the green one, liver, eggs, mushrooms, nettles are rich in this mineral, from which the reason of their use in pregnant woman’s diet. Martial therapy is indicated only in true deficiency: hypochromic anemia.

Vitamins are required in much higher quantities, however, taking synthetic vitamins is not necessary if the diet is sufficiently varied in fresh and raw products.

Overall, the energy needs are 2500 – 3000 calories per day.

The regime without salt in the last months of pregnancy, is a useful measure because the sodium attracts water therefore can appear intracellular and extracellular balance disturbances in the distribution of ions at the myofibrils level.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited because they confirmed to harm the fetus (fetal hypotrophy).

Constipation, old or recent, is a source of urinary complications (pyelocystitis). Intestinal disposal must be regulated by taking vegetable oils, foods high in fiber.

Dental care and hygiene, also the clothing occupy an important place in gestation, footwear must adapt to the new installed balance by changing the center of gravity with increased lumbar lordosis. Sexual relations are permitted with moderate frequency, but it is recommended to be terminated especially when you present uterine contractions and pain, in pregnancy third quarter. It will aim to avoid crowds by increased contagion risk, avoiding long roads and too long voyages by car and train, air travel is allowed.

Walking is an excellent exercise to avoid weight gain. Special exercises focused on respiratory movements are part of psychological preparation for birth. After birth exercises are needed to restore abdominal and perineal muscle tone, as well as to prevent thrombophlebitis.

Pregnancy is accompanied by changes in affectivity consecutive to new functional states of the nervous system. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid emotions, stress, emotional disharmonies that have negative influence on uterine contractility and general circulation.

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