Panax Ginseng – indications

red ginseng rootGinseng plant is a true ‘Panax’ (in Greek means a herb that heals all). There are known 3 types of ginseng: American, Siberian and Korean, but the last one is the most effective.

The properties of this plant are due to components called ginsenosides with over 28 types.

Ginseng effects on the body and diseases in which is recommended (ginseng tea, ginseng ampoules):

– lowers cholesterol and increases good cholesterol “HDL” and is extremely useful in cardiovascular diseases and dyslipidemia;

– improves mental performances being recommended in learning, attention deficiencies, ADHD;

– regulates cortisol on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis;

– stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide (vasodilator that is necessary to establish the pathogenic equilibrium in arterial spasms, peripheral vascular disease, arthritis, atheromatosis, in lung disease or erectile dysfunction;

– stimulates and improves spermatogenesis being useful in impotence and infertility;

– Increases the number of insulin cell receptors – useful in type 2 diabetes which is characterized precisely by resistance of insulin receptors.

– immunostimulating, antioxidant, increases tissue oxygenation. Ginseng is recommended in states of intense exercise, chronic fatigue, stress;

– because of all the effects on several organs increases longevity and improves quality of life.

Presentation of Ginseng: it is found in pharmacies or health food stores as capsules containing Panax Ginseng with root of this plant. It may also be found as a tea or Ginseng ampoules.

Directions: It is generally recommended 2 capsules per day or at specialist physician recommendations. In people with hypertension consult your doctor before taking ginseng capsules.

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