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Meniere’s Syndrome

Meniere's SyndromeMeniere’s disease is a disorder of the internal ear labyrinth, without an elucidated cause, which is characterized by the triad: dizziness (vertigo), hearing loss, tinnitus. Meniere’s syndrome often begins at night during sleep in persons aged 30 to 60 years.

The most disturbing and important symptom is dizziness. The patient feels that everything spins around him, the dizziness is violent and unbalance can appear. There is a real risk to fall at the ground, but without loss of consciousness. Extremely disoriented and frightened, the patient with Meniere’s syndrome will choose to lie down, immobile to prevent fall and attenuate the accompanying nausea.

In Meniere’s syndrome are present symptoms like tinnitus. It appears as a noise in one ear, with high tone, rustling like thin paper. Tinnitus can precede with one or two days the crisis of vertigo (dizziness) of Meniere’s disease. Also, at the ill ear the hearing acuity falls (hearing loss), which is associated with clogged ear feeling.

As accompanying symptoms in the form of Meniere’s Syndrome can appear ocular nystagmus (horizontal or rotator – towards healthy ear), parasympathetic-sympathetic symptoms (nausea, vomiting, rapid pulse, cold sweat on forehead, pallor).

After the first attack of Meniere’s disease hearing loss may gradually give way. Crisis of vertigo (intense dizziness) can take from several hours to several days and can repeat an indefinite period of time.

internal ear labyrinthFor prevention and treatment of Meniere’s syndrome are recommended:

  • Visit to family doctor and ENT doctor to rule out or treat other diseases that cause inflammation of the labyrinth and dizziness (complications of otitis, labyrinth thrombosis, labyrinth hemorrhage, arterial hypertension);
  • For the patient with Meniere’s disease crisis is indicated to lie down with eyes closed in a quiet room, dim and airy. You can pick up your feet, bow your head to the side which nystagmus beats and with a cold compress on the eyes;
  • For prevention, in Meniere’s syndrome is recommend a quiet lifestyle, without agitation, effort, psychological trauma, avoid work at heights, in places with high temperature or pressure changes, removal from the diet of alcohol, nicotine, spices, fats, moderate consumption of salt. It is forbidden to wash the ear in patients with Meniere’s syndrome.

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