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Cardiovascular risk factors in hypertension

Cardiovascular risk factors in hypertension1. Age in men over 55 and women over 65.

2. Smoking increases cardiovascular risk in patients with hypertension.

3. Dyslipidemia – which translates as:
– Total cholesterol values ​​greater than 190 mg/dl;
– The values ​​of LDL-cholesterol (bad) over 115 mg/dl;
– The values ​​of HDL-cholesterol (good) in men under 40 and women under 46 mg/dl;
– Triglycerides greater than 150 mg/dL.

4. Family history of premature cardiovascular disease in men under the age of 55 years and women under 65.

5. Abdominal obesity – waist circumference in men more than 102cm and in women over 88 cm;

6. Blood glucose before breakfast: 102-125mg/dl

7. Abnormal glucose tolerance test;

Risk factors such as smoking, elevated blood lipids, obesity, high blood sugar can be brought to normal values and the risk of cardio-vascular will decrease.

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