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Mouth Ulcers – Remedies

mouth ulcerCauses of mouth ulcers are not known exactly, but in the etiology it’s involved: genetic inheritance, some food, aggressive teeth brushing, dental work done badly, stress.

Aphthous ulcers may occur because of a virus, such as: herpes simplex.

A mouth ulcer is treated with difficulty, buccal mucosa is very populated with bacteria and also there are no solutions or creams which can be fixed at the ulcer site.

An ulcer is more common among the young and rare among older. Here’s what remedies we recommend:

  • Go to the pharmacy and buy a solution for ulcer which contains in composition benzocaine, lidocaine, alcohol;
  • Brushing teeth should be done with great care, but do not ignore oral hygiene (which must be flawless). When you brush your teeth, take care not to touch the ulcer;
  • Propolis, tree oil tea. These products have antiseptic properties. Apply these products on ulcer using a cotton wool;
  • Speed ​​healing rinsing your mouth with a glass of water in which you put a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide;
  • Milk of magnesia. Rinse your mouth with this product and keep it a couple of minutes on ulcers, then spit the solution. Be careful not to swallow;
  • Marigolds have an antimicrobial effect and reduce inflammation. Rinse your mouth with marigold tea;
  • Do not eat the following foods: coffee, spices, nuts, chocolate, strawberry. These foods are irritating;
  • Vitamin E is beneficial. Take a capsule of vitamin E and put it directly on the ulcer and you can also take vitamin C (up to 1000 mg per day);
  • Homeopathic Remedy: Borax 12x.

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