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Getting rid of Old Age Spots – home remedies

old age spotsOld age spots have nothing to do with age. They are tan, round areas and actually, they are larger freckles caused by sunlight. Often they appear on the back of hands, neck, face and shoulders.

Lifetime sun exposure causes these “old age” spots. These spots may occur even at the age of 30 years if the person was exposed to excessive sun.

Sun-exposed skin will produce a greater amount of pigment and thus the appearance of bronze and sun burns. Finally, the increased amount of pigment will lead to the establishment of large, brown, smooth spots.

Here are some tricks to getting rid of spots or to discolor them, and some ways to prevent their multiplication:

  • If you have problems with the old age spots the first step is to minimize the exposure to sun. If you need to expose yourself to the sun, use a sunscreen cream with shielding effect. These creams are useful even if you already have spots because they will stop the growth in intensity of color and other spots will stop appearing.
  • When you are exposed to the sun wear a hat made ​​of cotton. The boron should cover the face and neck.
  • Old age spots can also occur on the lips, so when you are exposed to sunlight apply lipstick or lip balm with effect of shielding and protection factor above 15.
  • Ultraviolet radiation are intense between 10 am and 16 pm in summer and from 10 to 14 during spring and autumn. The recommendation is to not expose to the sun in between.
  • Home remedy which will help you remove the spots: Hydroquinone sold in some preparations without having a prescription can help to discolor the spots. This substance may discolor spots and can even make them disappear. Read the product label before use. Do not expect to get immediate effects: it takes at least half a year. Don’t apply the preparation if the spot has disappeared.
  • Cover the old age spots with makeup.

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