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Osteoporosis Cures and Prevention, Diet, Foods, Exercises

Osteoporosis-diet-foodsCures, Prevention, Diet, Exercises for Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is also known as brittle bone disease. In this disease the bones are weak , mainly due to demineralization.

Spine, wrists and hips are the most vulnerable and affected segments.

Osteoporosis does not give pain and is a silent disease that develops over many years.

Osteoporosis is found frequently in older people, but it was shown that the disease begins to develop as early as the teenage years and that is due to a poor diet .

What can you do to keep your skeleton strong

  • Diet: eat foods rich in calcium. This mineral makes the bones strong. If the body does not have enough calcium, then it will be taken from bone and used for other purposes in the body.  So, eat calcium-rich foods to have a secure supply in the body. Daily calcium needs are: 0.5 grams for children, 0.8 grams for adults and 1.2 grams for pregnant women. This dose of mineral you can take from about 700 ml of milk, 400 grams of yogurt or 100 grams of cheese.
  • If you can not tolerate milk you can opt for products with added calcium (cereals , juices).
  • osteoporosis diet calcium-righ foodsCalcium rich foods: lettuce , broccoli , cabbage , beans, raw and dry fruits.
  • The market offers calcium-fortified soy products. Besides this mineral soy also contains phytoestrogens, a hormone that can provide protection to the bones.
  • We recommend you take calcium supplements with meals , as this mineral is better absorbed in an acidic environment.
  • A more efficiently product would be the one that combines calcium with vitamin D. This vitamin aids the absorption of calcium in the gut and fixes it in the bones.
  • Vitamin D is produced by our skin when it is exposed to sunlight. If you spent 20 minutes in the sun your skin will produce about 100 milligrams of vitamin D.
  • Foods with high salt content block calcium absorption from the intestine and stimulates the body to eliminate it.
  • Alcohol has a negative influence in bone development and decreases the calcium absorption process.
  • Exercises will increase bone density and will improve muscle tone and muscle equilibrium. The risk of falling will be much smaller (falling being the main cause of fractures in those with osteoporosis).
  • Do exercises, even just walking half an hour every two days at least.
  • Cola drinks contain a lot of phosphorus. Phosphorus can displace calcium from bones.
  • If you smoke the risk of osteoporosis is 10-20 times higher than for those who do not smoke.

The bottom line is to have a diet with calcium-rich foods in large amounts, sit enough in the sun and do exercises, avoid sedentary. If you do these things the risk of developing osteoporosis is much smaller.

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