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Black Eye – home remedy

black eye bruises home remedyBlack eye treatment and home remedy. Healing of a black eye occurs in about a week. The road to healing it can be followed by eye colors (purple , blue, green , yellow etc).

In the past, were tried all sorts of treatments and remedies for black eyes: from leeches and compresses with raw meat .

Here’s what we recommend, mainly to stop the swelling:

  • Swelling decrease and blood vessels constriction (this reduces the accumulation of blood) can be achieved by applying ice. In the first two days , apply ice 10 minutes at two hours.
  • A natural remedy for bruises is parsley. This plant has important properties such as anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. Combine parsley with ice (which reduces the swelling) in quantities of 2 bunches of parsley with 2 tablespoons of water. This compound should then be passed through the blender. Composition obtained will be put in the freezer in ice cubes containers. Put these cubes obtained in a canvas and apply them on your eyes for fifteen minutes.
  • Phytotherapy: flowers of arnica, bromelain are used as remedies for bruises and black eye. In specialized shops you can find these products. Read the labels first.
  • Natural Remedy: marigold, oak tincture, witch hazel. Use tinctures obtained from these plants. Mix the tincture with water in a ratio of 1 to 5. Apply the obtained mixture using a cotton swab on the eyes.
  • If the eye is bruised, have patience ! No treatment can cure bruises quickly.
  • Do not take aspirin, because it is harmful in case of bruises . The action of aspirin is to prevent blood clotting and stopping the bleeding in your case it will be more difficult to achieve. Alternative to aspirin, paracetamol can relieve the pain.

Go to the doctor if:

  • you have eyes pain;
  • you have sensitivity to light;
  • your vision is double or blurred;
  • you have floating objects in the visual field;
  • you can not move an eye as completely as the other;
  • one eye is protruding more than the other;
  • pupils differ from one another in size or shape;
  • in the white area of the eyes or iris appeared blood;
  • Eyelid is cut or torn;
  • there is a foreign body in the eye.

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