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How to Treat Bee and Wasp Stings

bee wasp stingBee and wasp stings cause pain, redness and local swelling ( inflammation ) by injecting venom .

Bee can not sting several times since its needle remains in the skin of the attacked and bees can not live without the needle.

Wasps can sting multiple times because of their smooth needle.

Follow these tips to improve a sting:

1. After being stung go ahead and act quickly. As soon as you take measures the more you will easily control the inflammation of the skin.

2. The first measure would be removing the needle. If a bee is responsible for the sting then the needle should be removed as soon as possible because the needle has  attached a bag with venom that is released into the skin. Slightly hollow the needle to be able to pull it off. Use a nail file or even a fingernail. A credit card may also be useful. Be careful not to push the needle deeper.

3. After the sting you will feel a severe pain. Here are some methods you can use to cope the pain:

  • Put something cold: an ice pack, an ice-cube, a packet of frozen vegetables. Decreasing of local temperature will decrease the swelling and will stop the spread of venom.
  • You can also use something warm because warming will neutralize a chemical compound of the venom that causes inflammation. A hair dryer can be used if you point the hot air to the sore place.
  • Aspirin is another method. Over the sting put some water then rub the swelling with aspirin. Do not use aspirin if you are allergic to this medicine.
  • Apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate + water.
  • If used prompt a meat tenderer can destroy insect venom.
  • Use activated charcoal to remove the poison. Mix activated charcoal with water and apply on the skin.
  • Another paste that you can use is mud. If you have nothing from above mix water with mud and then apply to the injection site.
  • Take an antihistamine drug. This medicine will decrease the swelling and redness. It also has a sedative effect and ameliorates the pain.

4. Prevent bites. Consider the following three recommendations that decrease the likelihood of being stung by an insect:

  • Wear white or lighter colored clothes. Insects prefer dark colors.
  • Do not use perfume or all sorts of lotions and creams. The bee will be attracted to these smells.
  • On the uncovered skin put bath oil. This oil determines the bees to stay away.

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