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Gout – Home Remedies

gout foot thumbGout is a disease that affects one joint, which is very painful and most patients can not bear any sheet on the affected joint.

The affected joint swells and becomes very sensitive and the surrounding skin becomes red. These events usually occur at night and can last 5-10 days.

Disease frequency is of the order of 16 men in 1000 and 3 women in 1000.

The pain is caused by some sharp crystals, consisting of urate, a substance normally present in the blood, but when the amount of urate grows it crystallizes and is deposited in the joints. Gout can affect any joint, but most commonly suffers the thumb of the foot.

The formation of crystals can be accelerated by alcohol, certain drugs and food. Usually, there is an enzyme deficiency.

Here are some home remedies

  • is it painful? Keep the affected joint in a position as high as possible.
  • Pain occurs due to inflammation of the joints. An anti-inflammatory can be useful, for example ibuprofen which will relieve the pain.
  • Do not take aspirin because aspirin decreases the clearance of urate and may even increase pain. Associated to NSAIDs you can take paracetamol, because there is a cumulative analgesic effect.
  • There are herbs that stimulate diuresis and transit and increase the elimination of toxins. The most recommended are: chicory root, burdock root and dandelion leaves. Administration is in the form of tea, 3 cups per day.
  • Apply ice for 10 minutes on the affected joint. Ice soothes and numbs.
  • A particularly useful advice for prevention is to drink plenty of water. Drink 6 glasses of water a day and you will help the body to eliminate the excess of uric acid from the body. If diuresis is increased you will also diminish the risk of kidney stones.
  • Do not eat foods high in purines (uric acid is a breakdown product of purines). Examples of foods : anchovies, hergin, meat extracts, molluscs, guts, hunting.
  • Do not drink alcohol because it increases the production of urate and also decreases its elimination. If you are predisposed to this disease, the alcohol will increase the risk of a gout attack. This is also available for beer which can contain a larger amount of purines than wine.
  • Some drugs for blood hypertension such as diuretics may increase the production of uric acid. Control your blood pressure by eating a smaller quantity of salt, by weight loss and by doing exercise. Consult your doctor which has prescribed your medication.
  • Make a poultice of activated charcoal (1 tablespoon), ground flaxseed (3 tablespoons) and hot water. This poultice extracts the toxins from the body. Place the poultice on the joint and cover it with a plastic wrap. You can leave it overnight. Activated charcoal may also be taken orally, 4 capsules per day.
  • Do not take vitamin supplements containing vitamin B3 and A.
  • If you are predisposed to gout, try not to hit the joints. Gout can affect one joint that was hit. You should avoid tight shoes.
  • A natural remedy without a scientific basis is cherry concentrate. You can take a tablespoon of concentrate once a day.

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