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Eructation – Causes and Natural Treatment

Eructation (belching) occurs after swallowing. In our digestive tract we have about 250 ml of gas. In addition to this volume of gas, add the amount of air you swallow and gas that is produced in our body. Finally, the total volume reaches more than 2 liters per 24 hours.

Volume of more than 2 liters is much higher than normal volume that can be contained by our digestive tract and thus the excess will have to go outside. One of the ways is eructation (belching).

eructation air digestive tract belchingSoft drinks and beer for sure cause belching. Even when we swallow saliva we swallow air because it contains air bubbles.

Without much effort you can control the amount of air that you swallow.

Here are some remedy for eructation:

  • At every swallowing you may swallow up to 150 millilitres of air. This is a problem especially for nervous people, restless. Swallowing may lead to problems through ingestion of large amounts of saliva (which contains many air bubbles). The advice is to realize this and to self-control.
  • You should be aware whenever you swallow and control this reflex. If you can realize this you will control yourself much easier. Tips:
  • Avoid drinking a large amount of soft drinks;
  • Eat slowly and chew the food completely before swallowing;
  • Eat only with your mouth closed;
  • Avoid chewing gum;
  • Do not drink beer from box or bottle and do not drink with a straw;
  • Avoid foods with a large amount of air as beer, ice cream, souffl├ęs, omelette and creams.

The lower esophageal sphincter is a valve that stops the gas reflux from stomach to the esophagus. Do not eat foods that relax the sphincter, like: onions, tomatoes, mint, alcohol.

Fats produce large amounts of gas if eaten ( in the upper digestive tract ). Incriminated fats: oils, butter, margarine, sour cream.

Excess gas can be soothed with antiflatulent acting products (containing dimethicone). Dimethicone destroy the large air bubbles into smaller bubbles which will result in lower belching.

Ginger. Use powder or fresh herb to prepare a ginger te . Use a teaspoon of ginger to a cup of boiling water.

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